Borsoklean Kaarsfilters

Borsoklean Kaarsfilters

A Resin Bonded filter cartridge which is available in various finenesses from 1 to 200 microns and in lengths from 10 to 40 inches.

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Diameter 70mm (2,8'')
Cartridge lenght 127mm (5''), 248mm (9.75''), 254mm (10”), 495mm (19.5''), 508mm (20”), 743mm (29.25"), 762mm (30”), 990mm (39''), 1016mm (40”)
Micron 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150
Filter media Polyester Fibers bonded with Phenolic resin, Acrylic Fibers Bonded with Phenolic resin.
Outer Surface Grooved, Ungrooved

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Description / Borsoklean Kaarsfilters

Van Borselen Filters Resin Bonded Cartridge filters are produced through an advanced production process, which gives the filter an extremely rigid structure. This structure ensures that the filter can withstand extreme viscosity and temperature without deforming or collapsing. The BorsoKlean filter cartridges are available in a polyester and an acrylic media.

Operating conditions:

Maximum operating Temp: 121°C  up to 10'', 65°C  above 10'' ( on request higher temp. available)

Max. change out DP: 50 PSID

Recommended change out DP: 35 PSID

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