Self cleaning filters

We supply Scrape Filters

Van Borselen has a complete range of self-cleaning filters for various applications: Scraper filters for application in for example lacque dispersions, adhesives, oils, both with external blades as well as with plunger design. Bernoulli self-cleaning filters for cooling water from ca. 50 m3/h. Autoclean self-cleaning filters for over 50 years in use for application in oil and fuels.





Self cleaning filters
zelfreinigend automatisch schraapfilter
Scrape filters for application in for example lacquers, dispersions, adhesives, oils, both with external knives and with plunger version. Scrape filters are available in different materials and for many different flows. The very robust design ensures that the filters will last for years.
Beroulli zelfreinigend filters / Bernoulli filter / Backflush water filter, Bernoulli Filters
The self-cleaning automatic filter (Bernoulli Filter) is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is a self-cleaning and maintenance-free filter and is used to remove contaminating particles from highly polluted cooling and process water and other fluids, e.g. from natural water sources (sea water, river water) and heating and cooling systems and processes.

Van Borselen offers a complete range self cleaning filters for various applications.Selfcleaning scrape filters voor toepassingfor applications such as coatings, dispersions, glues and oils. Self cleaning filters on Bernoulli principle for cooling water from approx. 50 m3/hrs. Autoclean filters, in use for over 50 years for oil and fuel applications.

Bernoulli Self-cleaning filter

Bernoulli System pioneered the application of the Bernoulli Principle, named after the Swiss scientist Daniel Bernoulli, to water filtration. The distinguishing feature of a Bernoulli Filter is a disc mounted on a pneumatic cylinder, which enables contactless cleaning of the filter. The cleaning sequence itself is automatic and continuous, requiring no manual intervention.