Oil Skimmers

Olie skimmers for Mining

Oilskimmers , inc. is the leading manufacturer of oil skimmers and oil removal systems , specializing in the recovery of all types of floating waste oils, lubricants and greases from water surfaces.

Companies around the world benefit from our Oilskimmers in the removal of fats, oils, lubricants or coolants from process water and wastewater thanks to the specially developed Filter Hoses. These filter hoses are designed to scrape grease and oil from the surface.

Oil Skimmers
The 3F Oilskimmer is a 360 degree floating skimmer and has 3 floats with a central inlet in the middle. This allows oil to be sucked up from all directions. The 3F Skimmer is Ideal for cleaning up oil spills, or removing oil from your wastewater.
Oil skimmer tube for skimming Oil available in different lengths and for high temperatures.
The compact 1H oil skimmer has a 1/2 inch collector tube to remove oil from surface water. The compact design makes the skimmer suitable for areas with limited access or for skimming small areas such as in tanks or on ships.
OilSkimmer Horizotal tube skimmer
The Oilskimmer 5H is a skimmer that can be placed horizontally and often directly on the edge of a tank. This makes the 5H Oilskimmer ideal for above ground tanks.
The oilskimmer 7V model has a 1-inch collector tube and a variable speed drive resulting in a larger oil absorption capacity. In addition, this skimmer has an epoxy coating for added durability. The 7v is specially designed to perform under the toughest conditions.
Oil skimmer 6V
The Oilskimmer 6V is one the most versatile Oilskimmer in the range and has been efficiently removing oil in all industries and applications around the world for decades.

How does a oil skimmers work?

Basically, the operation of the oil skimmer is not very difficult. The oil catching tube moves across the surface of the water. Due to the pulling force of the filter tubes, the oil stays on it. The oil skimmer will then scrape off the oil or grease. 

We are happy to advise you in selecting the right oil skimmer, especially since not every application or location can be accomplished with the same oil skimmers. There are also different oil skimmet tubes available which, for example, have good chemical or temperature resistance. 
Therefore, we offer various oil skimmer models from Oilskimmers Inc.

We have:

Olie skimmers

Floating oil  skimmer for tanks 

Floting oil skimmer 


Filter tube

An oil skimmer uses hoses to scrape oil from surface water. The Oil Skimmers filter hoses are available in two types a transparent one for low temperatures and a black one for high temperatures. The Filter Hoses are made of polyurethane which makes them very abrasion resistant and allows the skimmer to run for a very long time with no maintenance required. 

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