Capsule filter

We provide BorsoCap-SIP

Van Borselen Filters offers a full selection of capsule filters in a wide range of size and media. Capsule filters have been specially designed for simple, quick, and efficient particles or bacteria filtration in liquids and gasses. Due to the broad range of lengtes a capsule filter is the best solution as a scale op filter in laboratory, pilot-plant and small-scale applications. They are ready to use and can be installed between your pipework without the need of housing. 



Capsule filter
Capsulefilters en capsule filter

BorsoCap PES capsulefilter  is een membraancapsule, voorzien van geplisseerd polyethersulfon-filtermateriaal.  Vekrijgbaar in verschillende fijnheden en afmetingen. 

Capsulefilter met een PTFE membraan

BorsoCap PTFE capsule filter is a membrane capsule with a pleated PTFE filter material. Available in various micronratings and sizes. 

Polypropyleen capsule voor inkt

BorsoCap-PP capsule filter is a pleated capsule, made with pleated Polypropylene filter material. Available in various micronratings and sizes. 


FILTRODISC™ BIO SD is the first depth filter using the advantages of the alluvial (cake or precoat) filtration technology in a disposable format. 

Polypropyleen capsule voor inkt

The BorsoCap-PVDF is a Capsule filter with a hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane.

BorsoCap-Sip a NovaSip alternative

BorsoCap-SIP Capsule Filter is designed for use in sterile air and gas filtration in biopharmaceutical and other applications. BorsoCap-SIP Capsules are the only single-use filter capsules that can be sterilized by in-line steaming (SIP).

Van Borselen Filters offers a wide range point of use capsule filters for liquids and gases. The van Borselen capsule filters are available in a wide range of media,  end-connections and capsule filter size. This makes a capsule filter the ideal solution from lab scale product development to full scale production. Due to the wide range of sizes a capsule filter can be scaled up without requalification of revalidation.  Van Borselen capsule filters are available in Polypropylene, glass fiber and nylon 6.6 for bulk, large batch and continuous process filtration of liquids and gases.

For critical application we offer capsules in PVDF, PES and PTFE. All Capsule filters are made in a cleanroom environment, microbial rated and integrity tested prior to packaging and despatch, and each supplied with a certificate of quality. Each capsule filter consist a pleated media sealed in a polypropylene filter housing. All van Borselen capsule filters are thermally bonded no adhesive used for bonding.