Vent & Sterile Air Filters.

Van Borselen offers a wide range of sterile filters. BorsoPTFE filtercartridge

Van Borselen offers a wide range of sterile filters, including P-BE ventilation and exhaust filters. We provide a complete range of filters for tanks and sterile air applications, which are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage industries. Our filters are available in various sizes and materials, including PTFE and glass fiber.

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Vent & Sterile Air Filters.
PTFE membraanfilterkaars

A hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter cartridge for sterile filtration of air, gases or for aerating your sterile tanks. Available in 0.1, 0.2, 0.45 and 1.0 microns and in various lengths up to 40 inches.

PTFE membrane filter gasses and Air.

BorsoPTFE+ cartridges are manufactured using a highly hydrophobic dual layer ePTFE membrane. Each BorsoPTFE+ module of every cartridge is individually integrity tested using the Diffusive Flow Test, which correlates to the HIMA and ASTM F838-05 bacterial challenge tests.


BorsoTef is a pleated PTFE membrane filter cartridge with PFA Inner and outer core. Available in 0.05 to 10µm and in lengths up to 40inch. 

PTFE mini  tank filter

PTFE membrane filter cartridge is specially designed for sterile aeration and venting of your storage tanks or for use as a vacuum break on your autoclave.

A tank aeration filter, with the P-BE filters 100% sterility can be guaranteed when storing pharmaceuticals, chemicals or foodstuffs.

Van Borselen offers a wide range of sterile filter cartridges made from ePTFE.

Van Borelen's ePTFE membrane filters are manufactured with a highly hydrophobic ePTFE membrane. The sterile filter has an enhanced ePTFE membrane, which provides exceptionally high gas flows at low pressure differentials.


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Van Borselen's sterile filters are available in various micron ratings, materials, and lengths to meet diverse industry needs.

If you are looking for a reliable solution for air filtration in your process, then Vent filters and sterile air filters are the perfect solution for your business. These filters are designed to purify the air and protect against contamination, improving air quality and reducing the risk of infection.

Vent filters are specifically designed to protect the ventilation openings of tanks, vessels, and other equipment from contaminants such as dust and dirt. These filters are often used in the food, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries to improve the quality of the end product. Vent filters are available in different sizes and materials, so they can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Sterile air filters are designed to purify and sterilize the air in a controlled environment. These filters are used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries to ensure the quality of products and processes. Sterile air filters are available in different types and configurations, such as HEPA filters and ULPA filters, to meet the specific needs of your business.

At Van Borselen Filters, we offer a wide range of Vent filters and sterile air filters designed to meet the unique needs of every industry. Our filters are made of high-quality materials and are designed to provide optimal filtration while maintaining air flow. Contact our team of expert technicians today to discover how we can help your business with our high-quality Vent filters and sterile air filters.