Filtrox FibraFIX

Filtrox FibraFIX

Filter sheets for the filtration of food and industrial applications.

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Material Cellulose
Application Water, Food and Beverage, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Paint resin and coating
Type Filter Sheets
Length 20x20, 40x40, 60x60, 100x100
Media AF6, AF9, AF15, AF20, AF30, AF40, AF50, AF70, AF100, Af ST 110, AF ST 130, AF ST 140, AS ST 150

Product addition / Datasheet

FIBRAFIX-FS-e (245.38 kB)

Description / Filtrox FibraFIX

FibraFix® depth filter s heets represent an approved and established filtration technology for solid liquid separation. The three dimensional medium assures superior retention capacity for solid particles at a high flow rates. The pore sizes can be fine enough to retain bacteria and thus produce a sterile liquid (logarithmic retention of bacteria up to LRV 8). The dirt holding capacity of a FibraFix® depth filter sheet can be up to 4 kg per m². In the filtration process, solid particles are slowed down and eventually retained by the tortuous path inside the filter sheet and by electrokinetical interactions («zeta potential»). Through this unique mechanism, a high capacity (long lifetime of filter until plugging) canbe achieved. All materials are food grade and FDA and EC approved. 

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