Filter Vessels FSI / Pall replacement

Pall Has recently announced to quit the production of their filter bags and filters cartridges. All FSI® products will stop being manufactured on December 31, 2020.

Van Borselen Filters has the complete range of filtervessels which will retrofit the FSI/ Pall Filtervessels (Filtergehäuse). We also have a complete range of spareparts:  Filterbaskets, gaskets, o-rings, floats and magnets. 


We are proud to say that in 95% of the cases the customers can use our alternative filters without any adjustment! This is a considerably cost savings solution.

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Gesinterde filterkaars voor gassen en perslucht
The BorsoComp Cartridge filter is designed for the removal of particles from gases, liquids and steam. The BCC filter cartridge consists of sintered stainless steel and is available in finenesses from 1 μm to 25 μm.
Perslucht en steriele lucht filterhuizen
The stainless steel filter housings from Borso Comp, are available in 18 different sizes and are used for the filtration of compressed air and other gases.
enkelvoudige filterhuizen VB-H-SR
A stainless steel 316 candle filter housing suitable for one filter candle, available in 10, 20, 30 and 40inch. The filter housing can accommodate double open end filter candle as well as filter candles with a double o-ring (code 3/222).
PVDF and Polypropyleen filterhuis Kunststof

Cartridge filter housings are manufactured in Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PVDF depending on application, temperature, medium etc. availbel from 1 untill 120 cartridges in a single housing.

PVDF and Polypropyleen filterhuis Kunststof

Polypropylene or PVDF bag filter housings are available in size 1 and 2 for applications where materials such as stainless steel are incompatible with the fluid to be processed. 

Filterhuizen voor filterkaarsen
Industrial Filter Houses suitable for filter candles. Up to 144 40inch filter cartridges can be placed in one filter housing. These Industrial Filter Houses are available in many different pressure ratings, materials and connections.
Module Filterhuis

The Van Borselen lenticular module housing is a highly precise stainless steel filter housing for filter modules, developed and manufactured for everyday use. The enclosed system enables depth filtration to be carried out without drip loss. The large number of options makes it possible to find the ideal solution for the relevant filtration application.

Horizontal Lenticular module Filter housing

The Horizontal Lenticular module housing is available for 16” double open ended modules with flat gaskets (DOE). It is a highly precise stainless steel filter housing for filter modules, developed and manufactured for everyday use.

Sanitair kaarsenfilterhuis meervoudig
Filter candle filter housing with hygienic finish of 0.4 or 0.8RA specially designed for pharmacy or food and beverage production. The filter housings are available from 3 filter candles up to 144 in different lengths up to 40inch. In addition to the choice for the number of filter candles, there is also a lot of choice in material, pressure class, and connections.
sanitaire filterhuizen 10, 20 en 30 inch
Filter cartridge filter housing with hygienic finish of 0.4 or 0.8RA. Available in spring to 40inch and in various pressure ratings, and inlet and outlet connections.
Polypropyleen X100 filterhuis
The X100 filter housing made of reinforced polypropylene is ideal for applications where stainless steel is not suitable. The filter housing is suitable for both filter cartridges and filter bags.
Filterzakkenhuis met boutsluiting
Bag filter housing made of 316L, available in Size 1 and Size 2. The filter housing is available as standard in seven construction shapes and with many different connections to the inlet and outlet.
filterzakken huis meervoudig
The filter houses for multiple filter bags are available up to 12 filter bags in one filter house. This makes the filter housing suitable for very high fluid flows in a compact filter housing. The filter housings can be produced according to your wishes and are supplied in different pressure classes and ATEX.
Zakken Filterhuis size 3 en 4
Filter bag filter housings suitable for filter bags size 3 and size 4. The filter housings are available with clamp or bolt closure and in different construction forms.
Zakkenfilterhuis flens
Filter housings suitable for size 1 and size 2 filter bags. Produced as standard in seven construction forms and available in different pressure ratings and inlet and outlet connections.