Integriteit testers BorsoTest-FB

The compact and portable filter integration tester, which can be used for testing on both hydrophilic and hydrophobic membrane filters.

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Description / Integriteit testers BorsoTest-FB

Van Borselen supplies portable integrity testers for filter integrity testing of air or liquid membrane filters. These testers are available for the Food Industry as well as the Pharmaceutical market.

Van Borselen's Integrity Testers have been used around the world for over 25 years and are available in two portable models:

BorsoTEST-FB (Food) - easy to use, industry standard.

BorsoTEST-PH (Pharmaseutical) - with built-in access for user passwords, traceability and audit tracking.

The instruments are configured for: Pressure drop (Diffusion flow), Bubble Point and Water Intrusion testing (WIT) over a test pressure range of 350 - 6000 mbar


Diffusional Flow Measurement Range (ml/min) 1 - 999

Resolution (ml/min) 0.1
Accuracy (@ ≥5 ml/min) % 5
Test Pressure (mbar) 350 - 6000
Stabilisation Time (secs) 60 - 999
Test Time (secs)

30 - 999

Upstream System Volume (l) 1 - 32000

Bubble Point

Bubble Point Measurement Range (mbar)

450 – 5900 (with a min. of 100 mbar above the DF test Pressure)

Resolution (mbar)


Accuracy (%FS)


Water intrusion

Water Intrusion Measurement Range (μl/t) (Water Flow)

100 - 99999

Resolution (μl)


Accuracy ( @ ≥100 μl/t) %


Test Pressure (mbar)

350 - 6000

Stabilisation Time (secs)

60 - 999

Test Time (secs)

30 - 999

Hardware Volume (l)

1 - 32000


  • Designed to comply with 21CFR11 compliant environments.
  • Easily portable and rechargeable battery power.
  • Rugged, waterproof, stainless steel housing.
  • Full range of integrity testing protocols, including filter flushing and drying (additional accessories required).
  • Simple, secure and leak-proof connections.
  • Wide range of housing sizes 0.1 to 32000 ml.
  • Wide range of accessories available to simplify the filter integrity testing process.
  • The BorsoTEST-FB and HP are the basic models which can be expanded to e.g. Ex-zone 1.

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