FSPN filter vessel Pall / FSI:

Van Borselen has a line of filtervessels covering nearly every fluid application need. From the compact FSPN-20 miniature single bag filter vessel to the large multi-bag designs, we have exactly what your flow demands require. The FSPN vessels can also be equipped with a variety of lid opening styles including manual, hydraulic, spring assist and Easy Open. FSPN filter vessels using size 1 and 2 filter bags are designed, built and stamped to meet code requirements in our own ASME Code manufacturing facilities. Standard equipment features like the single-gasket seal, with sturdy perforated metal baskets provide durable and consistent performance.

Housing materiaal: Number of bags Filter bag size
304 Stainless steel
316 Stainless steel
Carbon steel
1-99 bag filters Single Bag Design: 1, 2, 3, 4
Multi-Bag Design: 1,2

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